• Packaging Design
  • 74 individual hand etched herbal illustrations
  • Herbals Booklet and Trade Presenter
  • Monographs
  • Launch Presentation Box
  • Launch Invite
  • Print Production

Liquid Herbal Extracts is a new range of 74 high quality therapeutic formulations developed specifically for Herbal Practitioners to dispense to their patients. Our design approach was to reflect the essence of each individual herb and the unique, time-honoured techniques used to produce these herbal formulations.

The launch materials to support this range focus on the pillars used to create these high quality liquid herbs: organically grown and wildcrafted; a combination of fresh and dry herbs; supporting sustainability; and scientifically tested.

The full range has also met with overwhelming acceptance and positive support by the Health Practitioners nationally.- Arina, Head of Marketing, BioCeuticals

74 hand etched herbal illustrations depicting part of the plant used.

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